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Galex Group is headquartered in Saskatoon, SK with satellite offices in Regina, SK, Edmonton, AB, and an international office in Wroclaw, Poland.

Our vision is to:

  • enable environmentally friendly solutions to be cost effective and profitable
  • enable wastewater to be seen as an untapped resource with easy, low-cost solutions to deliver treatment, recovery and reuse
  • enable wastewater to be a leading business that drastically improves community economics, natural ecosystems and social-well-being

The combination of qualifications without our group of companies has resulted multiple successes, examples of solutions delivered includes:

  • Wastewater treatment & reuse products & services (within the industry verticals of municipal, livestock & light-industrial)
  • Enterprise-wide “management systems”
  • Project management/Construction management systems
  • Business Process audits, re-engineering and improvement
  • Computer software analysis, design, development, pilots, roll out and support
  • Strategy and business planning, consulting and support
  • Construction and manufacturing services and support
  • Real estate development, consulting and support
  • Specialized research and development
  • Laboratory analysis, testing and improvement
  • Blended training and system integration/management
  • Etc.

Our group of companies includes:

NexLev Solutions Inc.

NexLev Solutions Inc.
NexLev delivers business management services specializing in:

  • Project Management: management of portfolios, programs, projects and building of customized project offices/departments for organizations based on best practice methodologies and management systems
  • Process Reengineering: providing analysis of operational processes & identification of opportunities to reengineer & improve. Design customized structured strategies & workflows based on global best practice philosophies (e.g. Six Sigma, TQM, QAI, ANSI)
  • Advanced blended training: certified training that is in-person (classroom) or online (backed by a professionally designed cyberschool). Decades of references based on providing training to national associations, businesses, academic institutions, first nations, governments, etc.
  • Process Automation/ Software Development: using cutting edge software to better enable a business. Deliver & integrate Enterprise Management Solutions by automating & enabling resources, inputs, processes, tools and outputs

Proteus Waters Inc.

Proteus Waters Inc.
Proteus is a global manufacturer of standardized, modular wastewater treatment equipment packages. Proteus embraces wastewater as a valuable source of treated water ready for reuse.

Proteus has expertise to design, permit, manufacture and commission turn-key wastewater equipment packages through decades of trusting relationships. Our focused area of expertise is treating sewage and recovering clean, bacteria-free, odour-free water & fertilizer for reuse. Our primary sewage treatment packages are sized based on populations (300, 800 or 1600 people) or also can be categorized based on average volumes treated per day (60 m3/d, 160 m3/d or 360 m3/d respectively).

Our approach differs greatly from traditional customized, sewage treatment consulting, engineering and construction. Our benefits include:

  • We guarantee a fixed price and fixed timeline
  • Rapid time-frames (get permitted and operating in less than 1 year)
  • Pre-Engineered, manufactured equipment packages with warranty & guaranties (backed by leading companies in the world)
  • Regulatory approvals that integrate into business and gain great support from regulators
  • Automation (operate over the internet/phone) and digital reporting
  • Lifetime certified monitoring and training packages
  • Cooperative O&M and financing options for long term relationships

Ecolibra Systems

Ecolibra Systems
EcoLibra has experience and expertise in wastewater management operational services specializing in:

  • Operations: decades of advanced wastewater collection, pre-treatment, treatment, storage and reuse (including management of sludge)
  • Maintenance and Support: advanced, innovative maintenance of wastewater treatment packaged equipment with a focus on economics and ongoing environmental sustainability
  • Customized Commissioning: adaptable, economical, projectized services to enable rapid deployment and transition to operations
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