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The Members of our business group are globally recognized experts within their specialized line of business. As a group we take great pride in our:

  • exceptional customer service;
  • improved efficiencies;
  • broad range of expertise;
  • larg discounts;
  • seamless coordination;
  • clearer communications;
  • ease of administration;
  • lean processes; and
  • expert strategic planning and delivery to ensure your solution meets your needs.

The combination of talent from our group of companies enables us to deliver products and services focused in:

  • management systems optimization;
  • project management;
  • Process improvement and engineering;
  • information technology application design, development and delivery;
  • business consulting;
  • construction services;
  • wastewater treatment products and services;
  • natural resource recovery products and services;
  • real estate services;
  • advanced research and development; and
  • specialized testing, analysis, and documentation.

Our group of companies includes:

NexLev Solutions Inc.

NexLev Solutions Inc.
NexLev Solutions is a business management services company specializing in:

  • project management (management of projects, programs, project offices and project portfolios with a focus on people, process and service);
  • process engineering (analysis of operational/day-to-day processes & identification of opportunities to reengineer & improve);
  • software development (leveraging cutting edge technology with a focus on automating processes in an open platform database solution to deliver a quicker, more profitable, higher quality service or product); and
  • construction services (general contract services, program management, systems consulting, automation and training).

Proteus Waters Inc.
Proteus Waters is a business that commercializes environmentally sustainable and economically profitable technologies. The primary product Proteus delivers is the Resource Recovery System (or R2S). The R2S does not use:

  • bacteria or other greenhouse gas emitting processes;
  • toxic or hazardous chemicals; or
  • complicated filtration or membrane systems.

The R2S is a packaged system that treats municipal sewage, livestock manure and industrial waste and recovers valuable, odor-free, bacteria-free nutrient rich biosolids and water.

Proteus also has several other technologies that are in the process of being commercialized and focus on helping people see environmental problems as economic and sustainable opportunities.

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